Hi, I’m Kylie.

I learnt to sew at home from my mum when l was in primary school in our house there was always something crafty going on – as l got older l lost interest or at least felt l didn’t have time to pursue the things that or at least didn’t have time for the things that made my soul sing.

After many year of working the 9-5 l decided I was sick and tired of wishing l could do something different and do something l love they say if you love what you do you wont work a day in your life.
Well l decided it was time to do it- start a business in embroidery, fabric and textile. I love the feel of fabric and the bright colours of embroidery thread and the things you can create and the inspiration these things give you to create and think outside the box.

The excitement of receiving a parcel of creative and inspirational objects that allow you to change your mind a hundred times and make something different from what you start or make exactly what was in your mind.

My logo the spirograph flower represents a new beginning, inspiration, something exciting, like a light bulb a moment in time where you have found what you are looking for. Our embroidery services and fabric range will do that give you the experience you have been looking for.

I was looking for bright colours of fabric and couldn’t find any so lve made it my mission to curate fabric that have something different to them something that nobody else sells something that will excite your inner create for a modern quilt or a quilt with a difference for that special someone or occasion. The same with my embroidery and embellishment on something to create something nobody else has something different something you feel comfortable wearing something that says l am special.

I would always look at other peoples work and say l could do that and l could with the right skills and a bit of help l could do that -so don’t sell your self short and start today come in take a class start a project and enjoy the friendly atmosphere l have created.

My house isn’t just a shop its an opportunity to come and make some friends have a cuppa and finish all those project you have always wanted to do, make the things you have wanted to make and create something special for the new or old special person you have been thinking about.